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Firestone of The Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships (2009) and numerous other books, Rachel Aarons combines excerpts from her honest and highly readable personal memoir with cogent insights into the typical, yet seemingly normal, emotional abuses of childhood.In particular, she describes step-by-step interventions that teach people ways to express their anger appropriately, keeping in mind both the practical and ethical consequences of their actions.The law required that juries in future capital cases must agree unanimously and in writing on the aggravating factors before imposing a death sentence.The state argued at the Florida Supreme Court that the Hurst case did not require a unanimous jury conclusion. Perry also wrote a separate opinion, concurring in part and dissenting in part.

This mismatch between caregiver and child created an environment in which the child's emotions were frequently invalidated.

Florida, that state’s system was a violation of a defendant’s right to a jury trial.

Florida lawmakers responded by rewriting the state law, replacing the judge’s override and requiring a vote of at least 10 of 12 jurors to sentence someone to death.

I believe that each one of us can connect to and benefit from this work. The author demonstrates how therapy can help people overcome these victimized, compliant and/or defiant orientations to life.

Aarons has written a fascinating book describing her own healing process and its relationship to various therapeutic principles, with philosophical underpinnings. Through her narrative, she shows how psychological defenses that we develop to protect ourselves in an invalidating environment contribute to a deeply entrenched sense of being victimized, which we continue to act out in adult relationships as either the abuser or the victim or alternatively both.

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The Florida Supreme Court ruled Friday that Florida’s revamped death penalty law is unconstitutional, declaring that death sentences must be determined by a unanimous jury and triggering the potential re-sentencing of hundreds of inmates on Death Row. Rick Scott and the Legislature to try again to rewrite the law that allowed for 10 members of a 12-member jury to impose a death sentence.

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