Sickle cell anemia dating dating advice for black man

Do you tell your significant other that you have this chronic medical condition…or do you keep the secret as best as you can?There are two sides of the coin and this article attempts to examine both sides.I have to a admit that when I was younger I was embarrassed to tell anyone that I had sickle-cell disease (SCD). I was diagnosed with SCD right after I was born, and I was in and out of the hospital from complications due to the disease for most of my childhood: Myspleen was removed when I was 4, along with my appendix; my nose has been cauterized multiple times to stop my constant nosebleeds.I thought people would look at me like, What's wrong with her? I've been hospitalized for chest pains, pneumonia, you name it.

I have even talked to large groups about SCD with my mom and brother. As a child I always wanted to do the things my friends were doing.

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He just told me he has sicle cell anemia and I am really confused, thought I have made up my mind to marry him as he is asking me to, but I just want people to enlighten me about this thing, is it that he will not live long or he will die soon, he is about 38 years now, he does not look like someone that has sicle cell.

What should I do I AM IN LOVE to start with are you SS too or AS , because you did not mention anything about your blood grp if you are not and you are ready to stand by this guy through thick and thin, i mean if u really love him like u said go for it, marry him.people with sickle cell anemia have normal lives too.thats my 2 cents peace!!!!

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