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Historically, no one much cared if (unmarried) professors wanted to date their students. (The fact that he didn’t, upon marriage, stop sleeping with his students was the first indication that something might be wrong here.) So what happened?

While there’s a troublesome power dynamic at work here—a tenure-track economics professor’s relationship with a freshman in his macroeconomics class, whose grade he determines, is obviously different from any relationship that student might develop with another economics professor; likewise, that freshman would have a different relationship with another freshman—nobody seemed to think this one was such a big deal. If a professor were to approach (or text message) a student today to ask for a date it would strike many as incredibly inappropriate. While it’s true that that UConn prohibition extends to any professors and any students of every gender, the traditional dynamic here is a male professor and a female student.

They may, moreover, be less consensual than the individual whose position confers power believes.

See also II-18.7 Other University Policies Related to Conflict of Interest for a complete list of policies that address or are related to conflicts of interest.

The integrity of the University's educational mission is promoted by professionalism that derives from mutual trust and respect in instructor-student relationships.

Similarly, the University is committed to the principle of protecting the integrity and objectivity of its staff members in the performance of their University duties.

The dean replied, basically, that the Galbraiths had nothing to worry about because they had met and married back when "amour -- instructional and noninstructional -- was in fashion." So the relationships were "always wrong" except, well, in the 1930s, when they apparently weren’t at all wrong.

A 1997 paper by Barry Dank and Joseph Fulda indicates that: Starting in the 1980's, a feminist literature emerged calling for the banning of intimate, organizationally based, asymmetrical relationships and the subsumption of such relationships under the rubric of sexual harassment.

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He/she also needs to know the consequences of STDs and mothering/fathering a child at such a young age. All I'm saying is that I think if a 15 year old student likes his/her 26 year old single teacher, and he/she likes him/her back, I think they have the constitutional right to express that.

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