Forward dating prescriptions

Forward dating prescriptions

If he wrote "do not fill until (say) 11/3/12" it shouldnt be a problem.Some Drs offices are open on Saturdays as well so the pharmacist will likely say nothing.Commenters supporting the NPRM included six physician associations, including those representing anesthesiologists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists, and three state level licensing organizations; Page 64922 five nursing associations, including several nursing specialty associations; 3 pharmacy associations and 6 state boards of pharmacy; 17 organizations focusing on the treatment of pain and end of life issues; 8 other organizations; and individual commenters including 73 pain patients, 65 physicians or physicians' offices, 31 parents of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), 30 individual citizens, 16 pharmacists, 5 nurses, and 2 physician's assistants.

Commenters opposing the NPRM included 1 organization focusing on the treatment of pain; 17 individual citizens; 8 physicians; 3 pharmacists or pharmacy workers; 2 parents of pain patients; 1 nurse; and 1 physician's assistant.

Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances may be dispensed pursuant to Health and Safety Code 11164.1(b) but Schedule II must be delivered to the patient in another state per Health and Safety Code 11164.1(a)(1).


However, if a registered practitioner issues multiple schedule II prescriptions, he /she is limited to the combined effect of allowing a patient to receive, over time, up to a 90-day supply of a particular schedule II controlled substance. The rule does not stipulate how many separate prescriptions per schedule II controlled substance may be issued for the 90-day supply.

A date falling on a Sunday is more suspicious, especially if it just dated for a Sunday.

It is more obvious that he didnt write it on a sunday and the pharmacist is more likely to know it wasnt written that day and might reject it. " it is perfectly legal to do and you shouldnt have any trouble getting it filled.

SUMMARY: The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is finalizing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published on September 6, 2006 (71 FR 52724).

In that document, DEA proposed to amend its regulations to allow practitioners to provide individual patients with multiple prescriptions, to be filled sequentially, for the same schedule II controlled substance, with such multiple prescriptions having the combined effect of allowing a patient to receive over time up to a 90- day supply of that controlled substance.

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