Accommodating style of conflict

Accommodating style of conflict

People have different ways of dealing with conflicts.Some may try to 'beat' the other guy down, others will avoid conflict at all costs, and still others may try to find common ground.

I spent a good portion of my life as a 'know-it-all', and I believed that winning an argument meant not conceding any of the other side's points.

The following are the common conflict management styles that are observed in different individuals as categorized by Kenneth W. Kilmann in the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model: Competing, Avoiding, Compromising, Collaborating and Accommodating.

The competing style of conflict management is characterized by the unwillingness of the individual or individuals to cooperate with others in order to resolve a particular conflict.

• To build up social credits for later issues which are important to you.

• When continued competition would only damage your cause - when you are outmatched and losing.

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The compromising style of conflict management is the middle ground between the competing and accommodating styles of conflict management.

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