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She can’t wait to celebrate, and she’s already putting on her Independence Day bikini!

On June 19, hundreds gathered in central Yerevan to protest a proposed 17 percent hike in electricity tariffs in round-the-clock demonstrations dubbed “Electric Yerevan.” On June 22, demonstrators marched toward the presidential palace and, after police blocked them, occupied a central avenue until early June 23, when police issued warnings and then used water cannons to disperse the protest.

Shakarian, arrested for single-handedly cutting off the Internet in Georgia and Armenia, has tearfully insisted she was innocent and said she had never heard of the web.

In a case that has attracted worldwide interest, pensioner Hayastan Shakarian is accused of forcing thousands of people in both countries offline for hours after hacking into a fibre-optic cable while digging for scrap metal. The Georgian interior ministry said that despite her claims to innocence, Shakarian had already confessed to cutting the fibre-optic cable.

But if you thought our once and future cover girl (spoiler alert!

) was done, think again: Sunday marks the premiere of the third season of . So before you Ti Vo the callipygian cavalcade (SAT class alert!

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