5 methods of dating objects dating a teenager with a baby

5 methods of dating objects

The code to do so, will look like this: var today = new Date() You can also create a Date object for a specific date and time.

You will want to do this to be able to determine specific information on a particular date such as what day of the week it falls on and to allow you to do calculations with dates such as getting the number of days between two dates.

It allowed the interpretation of dates as year, month, day, hour, minute, and second values.

It also allowed the formatting and parsing of date strings.

A string can be defined using single or double quotes.

You can nest single quotes inside of double quotes, and the other way around.

A time, 6 pm 44 minutes 20 seconds, is also stored in the first and third example.We have already seen how we can use a dictionary to group related data together, and how we can use functions to create shortcuts for commonly used groups of statements.A function performs an action using some set of input parameters.It is important that you take some time and understand everything this lesson includes.The following syntax is used to create a Date object: var Object Name = new Date(parameters) Object Name is the name you would like to give the object, new is the object construction keyword and paremeters are optional and can define a specific date.

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Whenever an example mentions that a type defaults to a boolean value, the result is good to know when using that type in a boolean context: The Anything virtual type is used in j Query documentation to indicate that any type can be used or should be expected.

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