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Here are tips to make your partner easily enjoy being faithful to you. For example: How to treat friends, can you meet someone of the opposite sex in private? Do you agree to always inform each other where one is going and what time? Clarity prevents misinterpretations that might lead to misplaced suspicions. When your partner feels that with you things are open and transparent, you two will grow close. Too many people are in a relationship/marriage yet feel alone and misunderstood. Prayer also protects your love from any plans designed to steal, kill or destroy your love. Be the person your partner opens up to about sex and sexual fantasies. When you are surrounded by people who are supporters of your love, accountability is heightened and faithfulness is fostered. This makes your partner proud of the love you share.

Never should another person compliment and talk well of your partner better than you. This feeling has led many to look outside for someone else to meet their emotional needs. No one should take your place as the custodian of your partner’s sexual thoughts and questions. If you are missing in action in your partner’s life, then you are making things difficult for your love. If being with you is stressful and a never ending fight. Break the monotony and go have a good time together. Your partner shouldn’t feel he/she is missing out on human affection yet you are there. Whatever you are proud of you are loyal and faithful to. Take care of your body, dress sexy so that your partner will not only focus on you, but enjoy focusing on you.

Then in middle school, you looked for acceptance and started collecting baseball cards.

Take us to high school and you were the girl offering to wear a team jacket and take scores at hockey games.

The quality of entertainers you find there is always good, and that is certainly not the case with many of the performers you find on the cheaper networks.

If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you, she won’t want to be your girlfriend.

She might want to be your friend, but without sexual attraction she won’t have much or any desire to be your girlfriend in a sexual relationship.

Sexual attraction is what makes her want to have sex with you now, which then makes her think about wanting to be your girlfriend.

Being nice to her, being a friend and just hanging around her might make her like you as a person, but it usually won’t make her want to be in a sexual relationship with you.

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Likewise, if all you do is complain about being in the friend zone, that’s all people will concentrate on.

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