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Independent women dating

But, I am also frequently surrounded by other people, both in business and social settings (including other men). Plus, I have several male friends who call, text, and visit me. When we’re together, I’m fully present, I savor every minute, and I’m already looking forward to our next encounter.You can’t feel threatened by my interactions with other men. But, I also really enjoy devoting time to my work, being with my loved ones, and spending time alone, and I relish being able to fill my day with a variety of experiences that bring me joy.She doesn’t need your shoulder to cry on when the night’s too dark and she doesn’t need you to walk her home when it’s late. She doesn’t throw around words like ‘women’s rights’ and ‘feminism’ at the drop of her hat; or start a debate on women’s equality every time she’s around a man.She’s all too used to doing it all on her own for longer than you’ve been chivalrous to women in general. She doesn’t demand respect; she reserves it just by being present the way that she is.Not just any man can handle the modern day self-sufficient woman, so keep an eye out for some of these qualities: To you, confidence is way sexier than any 6-pack or perfect smile.Confidence will turn your head in a bar, and keep your eyes locked on a man who walks straight up to you with no hesitation.She is a problem-solver and she wants you to be, too.

She’s learned to pick herself up on her own, every time she falls down; and it’s an art to watch her do it.

In the dating world, strong, independent women are not the easiest to understand because of our drive, liberated personalities, and demanding work schedules.

So, before you date an independent and confident woman, here are 4 important things we want you to know:1. In fact, I’d be lost without Grub Hub and the lovely woman who cleans my apartment.

Don’t mistake this for negligence; you won’t let him get away with forgetting your birthday, but he is thoughtful when the time is right.

He knows when and where to show that he cares, and honestly, that makes his grand gestures much more special to you.

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