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The Constitution recognises the full legal capacity of the bodies of the Roman Catholic Church which have legal status in accordance with their own rules. The national anthem, the State flag and the coat of arms of Andorra are the traditional ones. 3 The Constitution guarantees the Roman Catholic Church free and public exercise of its activities and the preservation of the relations of special co-operation with the State in accordance with the Andorran tradition. The status of Andorran national, as well as its legal effects, is acquired, kept and lost in accordance with the regulations of a Llei Qualificada. The acquisition or retention of a nationality other than Andorran shall entail the loss of the latter, subject to the terms and periods established by law. The fundamental rights of the person and public freedoms Article 8 1.Preliminary censorship or any other means of ideological control on the part of the public authorities shall be prohibited. The civil status of persons and forms of marriage shall be regulated by law. All children are equal before the law, regardless of their parentage.

shall have within this new legal framework, Resolved of the need to be endowed with all the mechanisms leading to juridical security in the exercise of the fundamental rights of the individual, which, although always present and respected in the nature of Andorran society, have not received the protection of any kind of general laws, Eager to use every endeavour to promote values such as liberty, justice, democracy and social progress, and to keep and strengthen the harmonious relations of Andorra with the rest of the world, and especially with the neighbouring countries, on the basis of mutual respect, co-existence and peace, Willing to bring their collaboration and effort to all the common causes of mankind, and especially to those of preserving the integrity of the Earth and guaranteeing an environment fit for life for the coming generations, Desiring that the motto "virtus, unita, fortior", which has presided over the peaceful journey of Andorra over its more than seven hundred years of history, may continue to be a completely valid principle and may always guide the conduct of Andorrans, Approve the present Constitution, in the exercise of their sovereignty. Andorra is a Democratic and Social independent State abiding by the Rule of Law. The law shall regulate the right of reply, the right of correction and professional secrecy.

Some of the visual depictions on this Web site may be exempt from the requirements of 18 U.

§ 2257 because (1) they do not contain a visual depiction of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct as defined in 18 U.

SLU at the following location: Edifici Burge’s Planta 3, Avinguda St.

SLU hereby certifies that the aforesaid materials are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U.

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