Gay dating ad for the superbowl

7, despite the fact that it’s content is no more racy than nearly any beer commercial not starring the Budweiser Clydesdales.

In the ad for Man, two men watching the game reach into the chip bowl at the same time, then look into each other’s eyes — awkwardly at first — before kissing passionately.

"It’s clearly a form of discrimination that we’re getting the runaround, that we’re not being told the truth," he said.

All eyes will be on Phoenix this Sunday for the Super Bowl.

The ad featured a male Packers fan and a male Vikings fan reaching into the same bowl of chips at the same time, and after a brief pause, passionately kissing and dry humping each other, much to the surprise of the other man present.

There have been various speculations that the company doesn’t have that kind of money, and therefore wouldn’t be able to secure the spot anyway.

"After reviewing the ad – which is entirely commercial in nature – our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," said CBS in a statement.

"As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions." If you’ve been following CBS’s twisting explanation for why it’s allowing the ad created by the Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam to air after years of rejecting ads for progressive causes for being too "controversial" you might have heard that they recently changed their policy.

They proceed to make out to the surprise of another sports fan watching nearby.

The official rejection letter from CBS offered a vague explanation for its refusal to run the ad.

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