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We’ve hung out once since then, but it was more of a short notice invite for me to come hang out at Applebees with her and her friend.

We set up a date a few weeks ago and she just bailed on me.

She gave you her number because she just wanted your attention and likes seeing random guys call her up so she can get an ego boost.

She never really had any intentions of seeing you again because she has a boyfriend already.

We’ve texted all day long, every day, since we exchanged numbers over a month ago.

Some nights we’ll sit on the phone for hours and talk about absolutely nothing.

You call her to try to set up a date, but you either don’t hear back or you make a plan to meet up and she backs out at the last minute.

Sometimes a girl with flake on you because she already has a boyfriend.

I met “Eric” online two weeks ago and he seemed interested in me. I just texted him asking if our date was still happening and he replied, “Sorry, I gotta cancel.” He didn’t suggest an alternate time to meet up—which is annoying in it’s own right—but I’m more annoyed that I had to text him to find out he was going to flake. It sucks to put yourself out there with your picture and come up with a few cute sentences about your interests. While it’s irritating you’ve been getting the blow off, use this as an opportunity to change your approach.

I get a lot of guys whining at me, saying “dude, I got a smoking hot girl on Tinder who was into me and when we planned to meet, she ditched me last minute with a lame excuse that she had to do something else”. you’re not standing out from the crowd, so you have no more value than the guy next to you”. Not because you’re gong to end up meeting a heifer lump, with a face like a pig. Now this may seem simple enough, but with Tinder this doesn’t wash well.

But because you’re investment in girls on there can swiftly come to an abrupt end if you allow her to be in control. Well you want to get her out on a date, so you can show her some of your fine ass moves. they always ask the girl if they want to go out for “drinks”. Girls on this app are hounded every day by horny guys wanting to hookup, they have had a least a dozen other men all asking the same question.

And when I asked her earlier in the day if we were still on for tonight, she completely played dumb and just said that she forgot about it, even though she was the one to suggest it the night before. Maybe she was is a shitty headspace for whatever reason and may not want to give you a bad impression. But it is also possible that she is stringing you along for the validation, or she’s just not as into you as you are into her (though that’s no excuse to flake), or maybe she’s a shitty person who is disrespectful of your time. And there are red flags here, so I can see why you’d be worried. If they flake more times than they keep plans, that to me is not acceptable. If someone stands me up, meaning that I’m at the place waiting with no word from said person, there is no second chance in my book. (Perhaps in the writer’s case.you really forget that you made plans less than 24 hours later?

I have been getting very frustrated lately because every time we have something that is even remotely close to “plans” together she just bails. I want to assure you that you seem to be doing everything right. You seem to differentiate between “defined” plans and vague plans. Have a defined “policy” on flaking Before you encounter any more of these situations, figure out what you will and will not stand for. ) I am usually a little more lenient on this if it is not a direct lie.

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