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Sarah Robertson: This is really saying that the man has a function, the semen has a function in preparing the groundwork for pregnancy wed not imagined before.

Narration: With a growing crisis in reproduction, and one in 6 Australian couples suffering infertility, it now seems these newlyweds hopes of parenthood may rest on one thing. Jonica Newby, Reporter: Do you think you want children?

Jodie Raumer Definitely we want children, its definitely on the cards.

Narration: This is the story of how a team of scientists in Adelaide overturned our understanding of sex and pregnancy.

To test the sperm-killing abilities of various repeating the test three times for each soda.

reported that SJK(C) Yeok Kheong in Selama, Kedah, which was facing the loss of the land it was sitting on, might see the issue resolved soon.

While this surprised me, I wondered why this even mattered since, in my mind, if you were having sex you were wearing a condom.

As it turns out, my classmate wasn’t the only one who worried and wondered about this.

A joint press conference by both parties was expected to be held on Monday.

Last month, local dailies had reported that the school, which was over 90 years old, had been ordered to relocate within three months following a court order issued over the land.

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No documentation of the soft drink’s spermicidal capabilities was found, so Umpierre and two colleagues decided to test Coke in some of its various formulations in their lab.

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