Who is archie bunker dating

Described as a "lovable bigot", he was first seen by the American public when All in the Family premiered on January 12, 1971, where he was depicted as the head of a family.

In 1979, the show was retooled and renamed Archie Bunker's Place; it finally went off the air in 1983.

The controversy in this one is that Archie is protective over Billie and is worried because this college-age girl wants to go on dates.

Not exactly wild and crazy stuff and the overall show is pretty bland.

It's like going to a boxing match and then the fighters just sit down on stools and chat instead of boxing!!

The shows aren't terrible..they aren't good (with only one exception of all the shows I've seen so far).

However, her overbearing and sometimes domineering personality often gets her into trouble when speaking about these issues. sitcom, several episodes (such as "Maude's Night Out" and "The Convention") featured only the characters of Maude and her husband Walter, in what amounted to half-hour "two-hander" teleplays.Her current husband, Walter Findlay (played by Bill Macy), owns an appliance store called Findlay's Friendly Appliances.Maude and Walter met just before the 1968 presidential election. Findlay has a much higher voice." Maude's daughter from her first marriage, Carol Traynor (played by Adrienne Barbeau – in the All in the Family pilot episode the character was played by Marcia Rodd), is also divorced and has one child, like Maude.In this case, Archie's niece, Billie has come to live with them.With so many new characters popping in and out of the show, it really looks like the show is jumping the shark repeatedly--trying all sorts of new things in the hopes that something will work.

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In its first season, the show performed so well that it knocked Mork & Mindy out of its new Sunday night time slot (a year earlier, during its first season, Mork & Mindy had been the No. Archie Bunker's Place continued from All in the Family.

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