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This property is commonly set to false for a reset or clear button to prevent validation from being performed when the button is clicked.

When the value of the Causes Validation property is set to true, you can also use the Validation Group property to specify the name of the validation group for which the Button control causes validation.

Back Color = vb Yellow End Sub Private Sub Text1_Lost Focus() Text1.

You can specify or determine whether validation is performed on both the client and the server when a Button control is clicked by using the Causes Validation property. NET controls is in the order in which they fire the Lost Focus and Validate events.VB6 controls fire the Validate event first and then the Lost Focus event; if the Validate sets Cancel=True, then the Lost Focus event is never fired.I would like to achieve this by creating a method that loop through all the Listbox and Textboxes on a form making sure that is not empty and if its empty give user another chance to enter valid data.This is working on every form as subprocedure, however I do have four forms and I would like to write the code once and call it from all my four forms.

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Now you will see the browser posting back to the server, but the result will be the same - the validator still works!

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