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There were also some impressive warm anomalies outside our 49th state, namely in the Northern Plains.

In North Dakota, Bismarck, Fargo, and Minot each had their record warmest years.

After surgery Amy claims a unity of identity and body, a sense she has finally become herself, thus believing she has also transcended societal censure and can exercise complete autonomy, allowing her to ignore all cultural mandates.

The Extreme Makeover procedures—a nose job, extensive reconstructive dentistry and porcelain veneers, bags removed from beneath her eyes, breast implants, hair styling and coloring, make-up and fashion lessons—offer Amy a classical sense of the subject, one that is internally coherent and fully autonomous; she feels fractured no longer, a new-found state that strikes her as liberating and empowering.

Yet, in trying to reassure us that it can eradicate embodied anxieties, Extreme Makeover also manages to pointedly remind us of those very flaws, thus exacerbating both anxiety and desire and promising relief only through “beauty.” And here, it’s important to make clear that the sort of attractiveness espoused by Extreme Makeover, and other popular culture makeovers more broadly, is a “beauty by the numbers” that can be calibrated and imposed by surgeons and clever makeup specialists.

[3] Rectifying the postmodern divide is quite a promise, even for the hyperbole of reality TV, but Extreme Makeover offers this and more.

(For general analyses on reality TV, see Home and Jermyn, Murray and Ouellette; for helpful discussions on plastic surgery’s rise in American culture, see Haiken, Blum, Gilman, Davis).

Fallout 4, otherwise known as The Game That Ate November, will launch in a matter of days, and we’ve rounded up the various news, pre-releases, technical previews, and developments that accompany the game.

It’s been just over five years since we got a new Fallout game, and excitement for the game is reaching a fevered pitch. Fallout 4 uses the same Creation Engine that powered Skyrim, but includes a number of sophisticated feature updates that the Creation Engine didn’t support back in 2011.

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